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¿Qué productos obtenemos con el reciclaje?

Nowadays, fortunately, more and more people are recycling every day, becoming a common practice in today's society. The culture of reuse is increasingly present, and among the different materials that we recycle we can obtain different items.

Paper and paperboard
By recycling cardboard we save 140 litres of oil, 5000 litres of water and 900 kg of carbon dioxide per tonne, and we can even make furniture out of it. Paper and cardboard have the great advantage that they can be recycled up to 7 times the same resource, thus saving millions of trees and reducing air and water pollution.

Aluminium and metals
With aluminium, we melt the metal to create new sheets for cans, bridges or automotive parts. It can be recycled over and over again.
Metals, on the other hand, have been recycled for many years, and their raw material can be recovered again and again by melting it down to make new products.

Recuperación de residuos

Plastic is broken down into small particles that are melted down and moulded into new plastic shapes to make chairs, food packaging, plastic baskets... Year after year, some 15 billion tonnes of plastic are produced, as most of it belongs to basic necessities that are part of our daily lives. Very little of it is recycled, so we need to be more aware of the need to recycle it!

Tetra Pack
Recycling can be used to make everything from printing paper to notebooks, toilet paper and everyday materials.

Millions of glass bottles are recycled because they can be melted down to create new products without the addition of chemicals, allowing them to be fully and continuously recycled.

Organic waste
Such as vegetable skins, fruit, garden waste... can be recycled and turned into compost that will serve as a natural fertiliser for the soil.

If you were still hesitating whether to recycle or not, what are you waiting for?

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