The fastest or the most sustainable route?

¿La ruta más rápida o la más sostenible?

Google has recently introduced changes to its Maps y Flights services with the aim of reducing environmental pollution. So now, instead of offering and displaying the fastest route to the selected destination first, Google has decided to display the least polluting route, i.e. the one with the lowest fuel consumption (it will appear in green). This new update is already available in the US and is expected to be available in Europe by 2022.

To create this new tool, Google has used data from the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and so has set itself the goal of helping to reduce one million tonnes of emissions annually (equivalent to the circulation of approximately 200,000 cars).

Today, pollution caused by transport continues to reach very high levels and is therefore very harmful to health. Petrol engines often produce CO and CO2, toxic emissions that cause the temperature of our planet to rise gradually and uncontrollably. In addition, unburned hydrocarbons also cause irritation to our bodies (skin, eyes and lungs). Diesel engines tend to emit NOx, which are nitrogen oxides that are very harmful to our health and also contribute to the greenhouse effect.

In Spain, pollution has caused the death of almost 100,000 people in the last 10 years, and the pollution we find in the air is largely the result of traffic jams and the gases emitted by transport vehicles, both in the air and on land and sea. Cars alone cause 13% of pollution in the 28 countries of the European Union.

The solution? Contribute to improving the environment by recycling, respecting the use of non-renewable resources and using more sustainable vehicles such as bicycles, scooters... As well as contributing to the use of public transport and electric vehicles.

What do you think of this new measure taken by Google? Do you think it will help create a more sustainable environment?

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