In TRANS SABATER, S.A., we are aware of the need to prevent the risks inherent to work, protect and conserve the environment, and use the quality of our services as one of the key differentiating elements and therefore competitive.

In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that each of our collaborators understands the following points of our Policy and makes them their own. In TRANS SABATER, S.A., we consider that an effective Integrated Policy (Environment, Quality, and Health and Safety at Work) is fundamental in the activity and management of the company itself and for this reason, within the framework that it provides, we have decided to implement an Integrated Management System according to the standards:

- UNE-EN-ISO-9001. Quality Management System.
- UNE-EN-ISO-14001. Environmental Management System.

In addition, to comply with all environmental and occupational health and safety legislation and other requirements applicable to them”.

- Encourage staff participation at all levels to achieve the established objectives and goals, protect the environment, and prevent damage and deterioration of health.

- To apply programmes of continuous improvement, for the development of performance and the integrated system of management, which in turn will allow the rational use of resources, reduce the production of waste, emissions, discharges and environmental impacts, making the installations and activities of TRANS SABATER, S.A. safer every day, and more respectful of the environment.

- Maintain in all centres permanent control of legislative compliance and periodic review of the environmental and safety performance of the facilities.

- Provide all personnel with the work equipment and personal and collective safety means necessary to carry out the work in safe conditions.

- To adopt processes and technologies that help in the prevention of pollution and in the prevention of damage and deterioration of health, whenever this is technically and economically possible.

- Satisfaction and customer loyalty, offering products and services where more is perceived than expected, continuously over time, surpassing the competition in the overall and quality of product and service.

- In internal processes and activities, improve their efficiency and consider the subsequent stages as clients, in order to achieve greater productivity.

- Review the Integrated Management System policy, taking on board the new demands of the environment, always with a permanent focus on continuous improvement.

- The policy of the Integrated Management System will always be available to any person who requests it both from the organisation and from outside.

- Continuous improvement in all key aspects of the company.