PoliAlumnium (LDPE + Al)

Among Trans Sabater's latest R&D&I developments, in collaboration with Tetra Pakis the development of an innovative process for recycling plastic waste from used post-consumer beverage cartons ("UBC") in Iberia.

Trans Sabater has succeeded, through its patented process, in recycling 100% of the waste and transforming it into a new material: PolyAl.

The differentiating properties of this new material make it unique:

  • - It is a 100% post-consumer domestic recycled material.
  • - It is a very versatile material. It can be processed with different techniques: Injection moulding, Extrusion, Thermoforming, etc.
  • - Allows staining in different colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black, etc.
  • - Thanks to the aluminium particles, the material has a very eye-catching and attractive metallic finish.
  • - Unique thermal properties increase productivity over conventional materials.

At Trans Sabater, we produce recycled PolyAl as well as developing specific compounds in our laboratories to adapt to the needs of our customers.